Saturday, January 12, 2013


Welcome to my new blog, This is Kay. Starting Jan. 2013 I decided to make a lot of changing in my real life and as much as SL. Now that I am working in RL with a full time job. My time spent in SL will be for other things. Photography, Styling, Shopping and just having fun. I did enjoyed being a fashion designer for 3 1/2 yrs, creating some wonderful outfits, gowns, jewelry, lingerie and much more at Lushish Catz. Now the store can be found on marketplace with a remaining small area in world.
Join the Lushish Catz group to receive the monthly free gifts, new release, marketplace limited additions  and group information.
Besides working at Lushish Catz and my photo studio OH! Kay,  I did some blogging not only for my Lushish Catz store but as a stylist under the name, JolieeLuv which I no longer will be using.
I've been posting on SL frees & Offers with Estrellita Gagliano. Now I will be joining her again but as my main name. I will also be a part of Posh Tarts and I hope many more to come.
My flickr is very active and connected with many groups. Over 2000 pictures have been posted from my work. I plan to put a set on the side which will have just Blog pictures for those that wish to follow.
If you have a blog and want to stay connected with ME, feel free to follow me, add me or email me. You can also contact me in Second life, Kayshla Aristocrat
Kay XoX

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