Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Style 864

Style 864

Noble Creations NEW @ GEN NEUTRAL
This round ends on ends on  2/02/2016

[NC] - Chef's House Copper Ware

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From left to right

+Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain - Square (White)
*LODE* Decor - Melody Pot [white] NEW @ SHINY SHABBY
[NC] - Chef's House (Hanging rack)
[NC] - Chef's House (Pot 4a)
[NC] - Chef's House (Skillett 2)
Toronto-Kitchen island
Apple Fall Plantation Kitchen set
Noble Creations - Chef's House (Pot 4b)
Noble Creations - Chef's House (Pot 1,2,3) (Stacked)
TC. Books Wine Rack One Prim Kitchen Supplies
tb- Framed Picture - Let Them Eat Cake
[CIRCA] - "SunnySide" Cheese & Cracker Plate
tarte. jar plant
Apple Fall Wide Stove
AF Au Pain (Sourbread Baguette)
[ zerkalo ] Coffee on the Porch - Eggs
Noble Creations  - Chef's House (Skillett 1)
Kalopsia - Old Plants - Red Pot, Yellow Pot, Matryoshka and  Blue Pot
*LODE* Decor - Melody Pot [white] NEW @  SHINY SHABBY ( resized small)
Zenith=Kettle (Milk) ( showing 2 )
az-Four plates - Free on MP
[CIRCA] - "Caspian" Cast Iron Wall Planter - Strawberry Plants
Zenith=Bird cage with flowers
zerkalo ] All White - Clock
*YS&YS* La Cantina - 07 Hanging Apron
*Lok's* ~Eat Me~ Refrigerator (White)

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