Tuesday, February 7, 2017


THE NEW MadPea Productions GAME IS OUT! The Sinister Slaughters 

These items are featured in the game, but also for sale for people to use outside the game in their own builds, etc. The Sinister Slaughters store is located here
All is 100% Original Mesh made by MadPea Design.

Experience now your own game

- Autopsy Sink 
- Autopsy Table
- Autopsy Trolley
- Bloody Shovel
- Body Bags, Comes with 4 colors. White, Black, Blue and Red
- Child's Drawings
- Door Signs.3 signs Autopsy lab, Briefing and Forensics Lab
- MBI Lanyard
- MBI Rug
- Personal Organizer
- Bloody Scissors
- Bloody Fork
- Bloody knife
- MadPea Urn w/Text
- Evidence Markers 1 - 7

Beard - Totally NEW VOLKSTONE Skize Facial Hair - OMEGA/Catwa Head Applier

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