Tuesday, October 24, 2017



Zen Creations - Wall Ladder Lamp - MP

Fancy Decor - New @ Uber - Opens 25th 
Fancy Decor: Hasting Bench (white)
Fancy Decor: Rain Boots
Fancy Decor: Open Book

Lush:: Hello October  Art - Gacha
Lush - :: Autumn Colors Art - Gacha

Ariskea[ Terre Automne ] Baby breath Autumn with Doilie

TB Maison "Autumn Glass" Pumpkin Single Gold 
TB Maison "Autumn Glass" Pumpkin Pedestal small Silver

JIAN Love Pugs 5. Sleepy Family

{what next} Autumn Picture Shelf 1&2

1 comment:

  1. Really beautiful art, love the feel of this early evening/early morning scene with a perfect sunlight/moonlight shadow cast, great work and thank you for including Zen!
    Zhoie Zimermann