Wednesday, December 13, 2017




MadPea's Magical Christmas Hunt for Enchanted Toys
December 14th and ends on December 28th
For more information check out the blog - Here

MadPea Outdoor Christmas Ornament - Merry
MadPea Outdoor Christmas Ornament - Christmas

MadPea Christmas Cake
MadPea Snowman Candle - Jolly
MadPea Snowman Candle - Happy
MadPea Christmas Plate
MadPea Vintage Christmas Boxes

Dictatorshop [Ds] miSLED Standing Bondage  - OMNI version 1.0 @ Winter Trend 2017
There are four paint and four wood textures that you can mix and match.  use the small Dictatorshop logo button on the bottom right sled runner to get the menu.  That button can be locked down to group or owner only to keep others from tampering.
There is a free snowball giver included, in case you would like a whole new way to torment your victims in a fun winter setting!

DaD DESIGN "Christmas Log basket" m/c V.1.0
DaD DESIGN "Illuminated Tree mod.02" m/c
DaD DESIGN "Illuminated Tree mod.01" m/c

:CP: Winter Snowy Greenhouse New @ Deco(c)rate
MI Winter Snow Tree 2 New @ Deco(c)rate
MI Winter Snow Doe New @ Deco(c)rate

.LeLutka.Spirit.Tree - free gift

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