Thursday, May 10, 2018



BOUND - Marketplace or visit Headquarters and purchase in world. 
About Bound 
A quarterly subscription box featuring 12 designers creating exclusive* items geared towards the BDSM/Kinky community. This box will be available MAY 12th, 2018. At this time, only a female version is available. 
*All items in the Bound Box are exclusive in texture and color. You can only get the items exactly as they are, by being a member of that respective box’s release. Six months after the respective box’s release, designers have the option to release re-colors/-textures at their discretion in their store. Some choose to keep their items exclusive to Bound Box. 

Analog Dog - AD - jane
Salt & Pepper - S&P lingerie Elle - BOUND

Fancy Decor: Thulden Dresser

S&P ropes & flowers gag
*LODE* Decor - Hyacinth [light pink]

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