Friday, October 16, 2020



 Here is a list of all the items listed. Only my sponsors will have the direct link. 

A special thank you to the designers at Kustom 9 . Many wonderful free gift and some are listed in this post along with some new items from the event.  

[NYNE] Skybox Apartment Balcony - Mesh - NEW at VANITY 

Available in main store after the event
Balcony Apartment
Rain - animated script
Two Lights - for Ambient

Atelier Burgundy + KraftWork Tate Set . Wood Console gift at Kustom 9
Aterlier Burgundy + Kraftwork Tate Set - Wood coffee table gift at Kustom 9
Camdem -  Season Change - 4.Twigs RARE
Camdem - Season Change - 7.Lil Tiny Cactus RARE
Camdem - Season Change - 5.Dwarf Ficus RARE
NOMAD // Abstract Sculpture
DRD Pergola
6.DRD MB gargoyle swordkeeper tint 1
6.DRD MB gargoyle swordkeeper tint 2

Bedroom with stair and shelves
ARMODI plant pot white balls by "sources"
Kalopsia - Decor Branches Vase - Gold 
Di'Cor Simone Wall Painting
BLACK NEST / Belladonna Bed (ADULT)- Deco(c)rate
06 Fancy Decor: Hammered Mirror
Mithral * Mojito Syngonium (Gold)
Mithral * Albo Syngonium (Gold)
*Personal framed photos*
-David Heather-His Bag 2/Original
-David Heather-Necklace Case
-David Heather-Chain Display 1
-David Heather-Watch Case
-David Heather-Shoes & Watch
Camdem - Season Change - 6.Jardiniere RARE
floorplan. i love you canvas

{vespertine}- hanging pothos.
{RW} Black Furry Rug
{anc} lamps (dark) New FLF
Arizona-Umbrella decor
Camdem - Season Change - 2.Devil's Ivy Short RARE
Soy. Wall Hanging Moss Ball (wood)gift at Kustom 9

Music Room
Camdem - Season Change - 6.Jardiniere RARE
Mithral * Rhaphidophora Hayi (Pack A)
{anc} ivy wall {green}
{anc} EDEN. music / new 1Li
Fancy Decor: Spinet Harpsichord
Fancy Decor: Last Supper Triptych

Left Living room 
Mithral * Scindapsus Pictus Display (Gold)
Di'Cor Catherine Vase
NOMAD // Brocante // Top Hat
Mithral * Mounted String of Hearts (White)
Mithral * Hanging Monstera Adansonii (Pack A)- New at Kustom 9
BAZAR~Palace - Candlestick GOLD
2. Glam Affair - Vintage Mirror
Dictatorshop - Chateau Round Guest Chair - Single Sitter PG v1.1 -  LM - MP 
Dictatorshop - Chateau Stool Guest Blanket - LM - MP 
Dictatorshop - Chateau Stool Adult Kink OMNI Bondage v1 -  LM - MP 
Dictatorshop - Chesterfield Wingback Daddy's  Adult Chair v1 -  LMMP 
Eleventh Hour: Coquito
David Heather-Raskog Cart
{anc} MoonLightLounge. ashtray stand 2Li

Center Living room 
DIGS - Canopy Lamp - Brass [MESH]
Dahlia - Lestat - Sette - ADULT - Deco(c)rate
Dahlia - Lestat - Rug - Deco(c)rate
..::THOR::.. Noir Round Table - New at Kustom 9 - Gacha
.::THOR::.. Dark Treasures - RARE - New at Kustom 9 - Gacha
..::THOR::.. Pumpkin Noir Candle - K9 Anniversary Gift 2020
(Yummy) Dying Roses
NOMAD // Black Rose Petals 
Fawny - Pet Cemetery. Bette and Dot - Black Decor
K&S - // Fallen. Decor - box of roses - berries -rose with petals - New at Kustom 9

Right side Living room
*PROMAGIC*Decor * A cherished gift made to me many yrs ago by the owner
Fancy Decor: Printemps Mirror (gold)
Dictatorshop - Chesterfield Adult Sofa Version 1.0 - LM - MP 

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