Sunday, January 10, 2016

Style 851 CIRCA

Style 851 CIRCA

CIRCA - WinterWoods -  Items for the January MIX Event

[CIRCA] - "WinterWoods" Ornate Bench - Frost Blue (56 pos)
[CIRCA] - "WinterWoods" Reindeer Duo - Frost grey
[CIRCA] - "WinterWoods" Lantern Hook 1 - Grey
[CIRCA] - "WinterWoods" Stick Tree - Blue Snowflakes
[CIRCA] - "WinterWoods" Stick Tree - White Wood
[CIRCA] - "WinterWoods" Stick Tree - Blue Plaid
[CIRCA] - "WinterWoods" Stick Tree - Jasper Blue
[CIRCA] - "WinterWoods" Decor Tree Light - Grey Small
[CIRCA] - "WinterWoods" Decor Tree Light - Grey Large
[CIRCA] - "WinterWoods" Wreath - Snowy Blue
[CIRCA] - "WinterWoods" Branch Light Jug
[CIRCA] - "WinterWoods" Snowman - Frosty

xin. kolouk husky (lazy)
Trees- LAQ Decor ~ Large Birch (Winter)

Mainstore CIRCA
As part of the new collection we recently released, we created another bench and more pretty decor to mix and match.  The new winter benches are loaded with 56 animations in all; 44 quality single animations for male & female sits and 12 lays for male & female positions.  So there is plenty of variety for finding personal favorites.  The benches also have pretty snowflake details and a soft blink light strand.  To fill out the collection even more, we have also released a cute reindeer duo and winter stick tree packs to match. Besides the deer these packs come in either blue or green hues. It's a great collection for winter outdoor setups, cottages, stores, and other seasonal spaces.

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