Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Style 931

Style 931

Frayed Knot ( new store location)  NEW @ SaNaRae

Frayed Knot wood shelf - Showing 1, 2 and 3

Noble Creations
[NC] - Wall Pendulum - Working Clock - NEW
[NC] - Natural Sofa Bed

Native Woman with Bowls Statue
Stone Dragon Statue
Native Giraffe Whimsy Grey Statue
Native Elephant Statue
Native Dragon Vase Statue
Native Giraffe Whimsy Brown Statue
Native Horse Statue Brown

Other items:
New Church - Gacha items
:: N :: Frog Globe Terrarium
:: N :: Buddha Globe Terrarium
:: N :: Cactus Bowl Terrarium

{Reverie} Honey Pie Aged Books and Candles
AF Magazine Files
::Nihil:: Gorean Sex Rug, stripped
[Toiz] brown cafe sofa
Kalopsia - Big Ass Fancy Vase
{anc} EDEN.olive / hang / new
{anc} EDEN.olive / table / new
Damani MediaViewer

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