Thursday, November 3, 2016


"This is my snack. Get your own. I have the muchies"

Madpea Swagbag scene from THOR.  //  ..::THOR::..Man Cave Set - SwagBag Event Exclusive
Kind a love this set as my house would look like this IF I WOULD be single man in Man Cave.

..::THOR::..Man Cave Set - 
 - Wheel Speaker
 - "Eightball" Ashrtay
 - Aged Car Setee
 - Bullitt Poster
 - Industrial Coffee Table
 - Magazines
 - Man Cave Rules Sign
 - Meowix The Cat (lying) *GIFT*
 - Pool Balls Candles
 - Snooker Lamp (with chains)
 - Taxi Driver Poster
 - Vintage Fridge with Giver
 - Modulus - Happy Endin' Table
 - Pewpew! Bat Bed - Dark Wood (coffee texture)
 - :BAMSE: Brooklyn sign

Other  Swagbag November content :
Wearing outfit from :::Breath::: man cave knit shirt. Laying at table that - knit shirt extra B from Breath.
 - man cave knit shirt/beer can
 - something extra(A)

Beard and hair from [Deadwool] Undercut hair - wild - midnight
Glasses is from MINIMAL - Caveman Glasses.
Pants is from Etham - Lazy Days Set
Nikotin Cigar and L'Etre - Horn Mesh Ears

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