Thursday, April 13, 2017


Welcome to my blog.
This will be a video blog because I felt it is the best way to show the beautiful collaboration between, Fetch & Veechi. The makeup itself is gorgeous. But they have really done an amazing job on adding animation while applying your make up. The items are beautifully designed.
In every common item you will get a brush and a compact or palette to wear. Theses items can also be used as decorations.
The rare lashes do not come with a brush but the Lash kit is so pretty.
Of course while switching your make up colors, don't forget to wipe your make up off!
A beautiful rare is the  Makeup Clutter as seen on the top of the table.

This Gacha set will be available on the 15th of April at Epiphany.
To find out more check the flickr page here

Please note: I am not a professional but I did enjoy making this video.
Main store - Veechi.
Facebook & Flickr

United Colors - New @ Black fair  - ends on April 19th
UC_Lola_leotard_all in 1_Maitreya_Slink_Belleza

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