Thursday, July 27, 2017




Weekend Living Set is available on natural wood & white wood structure.
DaD DESIGN "Weekend Rocking Chair white wood" PG v.1.0 c/m
DaD DESIGN "Weekend Sofa white wood" PG - V.1.0c/m
DaD DESIGN "Weekend Rocking Chair white wood" PG v.1.0 c/m

Zen Creations - Topiary Candle Stick 1, 2 and 3 - Free gift @ Cosmopolitan

Fancy Decor: Blossom Cake
This is a group gift to celebrate Fancy Decor's 3rd birthday.

MadPea Telescope
MadPea  Poodle Topiary Lighted  Home Show - Ends July 29th
MadPea Fountain Topiary Lighted Home Show - Ends July 29th

22769 - Wall Plant 1 & 2
Toronto-Green grass plant
cinphul // Framed Ivy
:[P]:- Tritrunks Planter
dust bunny . white rose pitcher
~BAZAR~Berlin-Plant 1 & 2
NOMAD // Monstera Plant
KraftWork_Vintage Toy Truck Planter vs1.1
Tuareg Potted Cactus CHEZ MOI
Scarlet Creative - Breeze
7.Cherry house-Succulent plants-Succulent plants modelling-04
Soy. Weeping Willow

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  1. Stunning work, real life quality, always such amazing scene set up, thank you for including Zen in your art !